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The Solid Waste Management Program of the City of Iriga is geared towards attaining the ecological balance of the city, more particularly in the urban area, following the provisions set forth by RA 9003. It embraces the activities involving collection, segregation, disposal, recovery of refuse resources, composting and conversion of processed biodegradable wastes into bio-organic fertilizers.

The major programs undertaken by the GSO office were the maintenance of a dumping site Eco Park, establishment of the Eco-Park conversion of controlled dumpsite to Eco-Park facilities, construction of septic vaults for infections and hazardous waste completed, maintenance of material r2ecovery facility, tree planting activities, daily collection of solid waste including CBD and maintenance of cleanliness in streets, highways, parks and public buildings.

In carrying out the program, the office aims to create an “Environmental Friendly Atmosphere: A Beautiful Place to Live In.”

A full enforcement of the following ordinances was the major accomplishment of the General Services Office headed by Gemm Ambrosio M. Layosa.

o City Ordinance No. 2012-12, the Anti-Plastic Ordinance
o City Ordinance No. 2009-06, an ordinance enacting the Environmental Code
o Ordinance No. 1996-02, ordinance establishing Ecological Waste Management
o Ordinance No. 1995-04, an ordinance prohibiting the throwing, pitching and hurling of human and animal waste garbage and other materials in canals, creeks, springs, rivers within the city
o Ordinance No. 1997-01, implementing the health and sanitary code.