1. Garments, textiles and wearables
  2. Ceramics and non-ceramic mineral processing
  3. Light Metal Industries
  4. Furniture and Fixtures and bamboo craft products
  5. Gifts, toys and housewares
  6. Fine jewelry, fashion accessories and novelty items
  7. Electronics, computer and appliance manufacturing
  8. Footwear and bags
  9. Repacking or processing of liquors or distilled spirit wine
  10. Recycling of plastic and plastic products and other recycle materials
  11. Leather and leather products
  12. Fine Jewelry and Fashion accessories
  13. Manufacture of pharmaceutical products
  14. Other manufacturing concern which involves export of the final product

Agri-Business and Processing

  1. Food processing
  2. Farm harvest and post-harvest facilities
  3. Feedmill and livestock support services
  4. Cutflower and production of high value crops
  5. Livestock and poultry
  6. Beef and dairy products
  7. Processing of crops into intermediary and final product
  8. Operation of nurseries and breeding farms
  9. Commercial fruit and vegetable production with greenhouse

Forestry and Fishing

  1. Industrial and commercial tree plantation
  2. Integrated agricultural land technology
  3. Inland fish culture

Trading and Commercial

  1. One-stop shopping center complex
  2. Trading of export products

Tourist-Related Projects

    Tourist accommodation facilities such as: Mid-range business hotels, resorts, golf courses, apartelles, pension houses, tourist inns, theme park, air-conditioned restaurants, convention center facilities and tourist transport services.

Infrastructure Projects

  1. Zipline
  2. Canopy walks
  3. Mountain villa with resort, casino and bar
  4. Olympic villages
  5. Waterworld park and resorts
  6. Socialized housing projects
  7. TV station to include Cable TV
  8. Commercial branch banking and financial institutions
  9. Printing and publishing
  10. Blast freezer and cold storage services
  11. Fully air-conditioned cinemas and cultural centers
  12. Industrial Estates and Industrial Communities
  13. Educational/Training Institutions
  14. Telecommunications Facilities
  15. Hospital and Diagnostic Centers
  16. Project covered by BOT Laws



  1. For Industries – the identified ECOZONE areas as provided for in the Iriga City Land Use Plan at barangay San Isidro, Sto. Domingo, and adjacent barangays.
  2. For commercial establishment and services barangays within the central business district (CBD); barangays along the Iriga-Masoli (Bato) road; barangays along the National Highway from Nabua-Baao boundary.
  3. For agri-industrial, forest-fishing, infrastructure and services – the barangays surrounding Mt. Iriga and river unit barangays.
  4. For Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) and ICT – within the Central Business District (CBD) and the newly developed and developing areas at the fringes of the CBD


Fiscal Incentives

  1. Exemption from payment of the following (other than the franchise tax and amusement tax):

          Php 3,000,000 – Php 5,000,000 – 3 years
          Php 5,000,000 – Php 10,000,000 – 4 years
          Php 10,000,000 – above – 5 years

  1. Franchise Tax based on capitalization as follows:

          Php 3,000,000 – Php 5,000,000 – 3 years
          Php 5,000,000 – Php 10,000,000 – 4 years
          Php 10,000,000 – above – 5 years

  1. Amusement taxes from date approval of Registration as follows:

          First Year – 100%
          Second year – 75%
          Third Year – 25 %

  1. Basic Real Estate Tax on property and improvements, building and machineries accruing to the General Fund and imposed under the existing Local Tax Code of the City from the date of approval or registration based on the assessed value in the case of land and cost of acquisition in the case of machineries/equipments, as follows:

          Php 3,000,000 and above – 1 year

Non-Fiscal Incentives

The ICIPBAC maintains a “one-stop Action Center” and provides the following assistance to registered enterprises:

  1. Project development and documentation
  2. Site Selection
  3. Securing local permits and licenses
  4. Accessing private and government financial and technical assistance
  5. Joint venture matching
  6. Manpower and Skills development
  7. Seeking special agreements with local utilities