City Ordinance 2014-05

It shall be prohibited, at any time of the day or night, for all types of vehicles to use or pass through the portion of J. Camposano Street that has been declared closed until proper repairs are made. DOWNLOAD PDF FILE HERE: C.O. 2014-05

City Ordinance 2014-04

It is the declared policy of the City of Iriga to protect the lives and properties of its residents at all times and whenever possible mitigate the effects of man-made and natural disasters within the locality. DOWNLOAD PDF FILE HERE: C.O. 2014-04

City Ordinance 2014-03

The City Government of Iriga shall monitor, document and prosecute cases of trafficking in person within their jurisdiction. DOWNLOAD PDF FILE HERE: C.O. 2014-03

City Ordinance 2014-02

It shall be unlawful for any person to smoke, or for a person-in-charge to allow smoking, in all enclosed or partially enclosed public places and workplaces, including bars and restaurants, all forms of public conveyance, and public outdoor spaces within the territorial jurisdiction of Iriga City. DOWNLOAD PDF FILE HERE: C.O. 2014-02

City Ordinance 2014-01

City Ordinance 2014-01 An ordinance establishing a facility based delivery of all pregnant women/mothers and attended by skilled birth attendants (doctors, nurses, midwives) in the City of Iriga. Steadfast on its duties to uphold and protect the lives of its constituents, the City of Iriga deems it necessary and appropriate to adopt and establish to continue reading : City Ordinance 2014-01

R.A. 10172

Republic Act No. 10172 entitled “An Act Further Authorizing the City or Municipal Civil Registrar or the Consul General to Correct Clerical or Typographical Errors in the Day and Month in the Date of Birth or Sex of a Person Appearing in the Civil Register Without Need of a Judicial Order Amending for this Purpose continue reading : R.A. 10172