The New City Risk Reduction and Management Office is now at the Nee City Hall annex building.

          In cooperation with the Bureau of Fire Protection all elementary and secondary schools in the city were given earthquake and fire drills as part of the office preparedness and mitigation program and measures.

          Early Warning System is now provided such as earthquake intensity meter located at the CDRRMO office, the rain gauge located in from of the New City Hall, automated weather system located at the Bureau of Fire Protection and beside the City Health Office.

          A Flood Early Warning System which is a locally-made warning system painted, labeled with its corresponding level and color-coded to identify the severity of the flowing water in rivers, creeks and bridges is very visible at the Crescini Bridge, San Francisco, Tarusan Bridge, San Miguel, Waras Bridg at the back of Nagrampa’s residence in San Jose, Naulgan Bridge beside Petron Gas Station, San Rogue, Spillway, Sta. Maria, Spillway Sto. Nino. Sulong Bridge, San Roque.

 Project Listo was launched as a means of preparedness for possible untoward occurrence of disaster, limits and lessens loss of lived and destruction of properties.

The Consciousness Month Celebration was held July 15, 2015; the CDRRMO Rescue Team Capacity Building (standard first aid and basil life support were taken up.

WEnboree was held at the Penafrancia Resort and specifically done for the youth’s participation in  addressing disaster.

The following were passed and approved: Resolution No. 2015=252 authorizing Mayor Ronald Felix Y. Alfelor to enter into a Memorandum of Agreement for the establishment and institutionalizing the partnership with various stakeholders in the city; Executive Order No. 2015-07 establishing and institutionalizing partnership with partner stakeholder in the city whose support and services are deemed essential whenever disaster or emergency is declared and danger or loss of lives is imminent; and Memorandum of Agreement was made and entered into between LGU iriga City and partner stakeholders in the city.