Everything that needs to be known about RA 6713. RA 6713is an act establishing a code of conduct and ethical standards for public officials and employees to uphold the time-honored principle of public office being a public trust. It also includes granting incentives and rewards for exemplary service, enumerates prohibited acts and transactions and provides penalties for violations thereof and for other purposes.

Field Director Jocelyn Marifosque of the Civil Service Commission stressed that public officials and employees should know very well the duties and responsibilities of a good servant to their valued customers.

RA 6713 likewise provides the rules and regulations, procedures and the right things to be done by employees like delivering good services such as answering the needs, wants of the clients, practicing teamwork and the likes. Friendliness, empathy, fairness and commitment to public interest are expected of public officials and employees who shall always uphold the interest of the public over personal interest.

Beginners in the government service should familiarize themselves with the provisions of RA 6713 and apply them in their daily lives in the office and even outside.