The City Tourism Office is primarily the implementing arm of the city government’s programs, policies, and projects relating to tourism and culture including the marketing and promotion of the tourism industry in the city. It shall serve as the ICTC Secretariat manned by professional staff and headed by the City Tourism Officer.

As the primary operating agency of the city government, the Office of the city tourism shall be responsible for the efficient and effective implementation of the policies, plans, and programs as recommended by the Iriga City Tourism Council.


A homey atmosphere office peopled with gusto deriving fun from work who are innovative in marketing strategies, research and techniques to contribute to the local economic growth for the total development of the city as a premiere Agro-Ecotourism Center of the Philippines.


The City Tourism Office is committed to promote tourism and culture by spearheading the city’s cultural events such as the Tinagba Festival, City Pintakasi and City Charter Anniversary celebration and other similar events.

The City Tourism Office likewise undertakes the following: assist guests, whether Filipinos or foreigners, who wish to experience Iriga through guided tours to scenic spots in the city and other places of importance; help students and academicians avail of local data and information on tourism and the likes for researchers and studies; and attend to the needs of clients/customers for inquiries about Iriga City and its tourism programs.

The staff of the City Tourism Office headed by its Tourism Officer pledge total support to the mission/vision of the city specially its tourism programs.


    • Initiate and organize tourism and cultural activities and formulate, monitor, and coordinate integrated plans for tourism and culture and the arts.
    • Assist, monitor, and conduct accreditation of tourism-oriented and related facilities and service providers and conduct capability building activities for tourism frontliners.
    • Conduct research and establish and maintain tourism information management system and web portal for the city and the world and establish linkage and networking with national government agencies (NGAs), non-government organizations (NGOs) and people’s organizations (POs) in planning and implementing tourism activities.
    • Conduct inventory of existing, emerging and potential tourism attractions, promote Iriga as a tourist destination through exhibits, selling missions, and the production of marketing collateral, and operate and maintain city government-owned tourism facilities.
    • Represent the city in tourism-related activities, advocate responsible culture of tourism, produce promotional and marketing collaterals, and establish linkages and alliances worldwide.
    • Perform other functions related to tourism development.