The office accelerates the sound development  of Iriga City in accordance with the updated city development plan and the national development plan for the year 2000 onward, and in pursuit of a planned economically feasible and practical dispersal of industries in the promotion of small, medium and large scale industries, under condition which will encourage competition and discourage monopolies.

The Iriga City Investment Promotion & Business Assistance (ICIPBAC) shall be organised into three (3) technical sections: (1) Investment Promotion Section; (2) Investors and Business Service Section; and (3) Planning/Research Section. It shall be assisted by an Administrative and Finance Section.


The Iriga City Government shall ensure holistic development by safeguarding the well-being of the social, cultural and ecological life of the people. For this purpose, consultation with affected communities will be conducted whenever necessary. The Iriga City government shall extend incentives to projects which will signficantly contribute to the attainment of these objectivets without which said projects may not be established in the area. The number and/or pace required of the projects shall be planned and implemented towards optimum development of the City’s economy.


The Investment & Business Promotion Center manned by honest, hardworking, dedicated, sincere and friendly personnel committed to deliver fast and efficient One-Stop-Shop processing of Business Permits, and provide Investment Incentive Facilitation Services to generate more revenue to contribute to total development of the City as a premiere Agro-Ecotourism Center in the Philippines.


We, the personnel of Iriga City Investment Promotion and Assistance Center (ICIP-BAC) commit ourselves to serve our stakeholders with sincerity, dedication and promptness in order to maintain our standard of keeping them satisfied.


In our way of promoting Iriga as a City of character and in our desire for service excellence we sincerely adhere to the following values:


  • We speak the truth at all time
  • We inform the people what they need to know
  • We submit accurate performance evaluation and other reports


  • We work hard to meet our goals
  • We extend assistance beyond the scope of our work
  • We offer options and alternatives to meet our customers’ needs


  • We accept our mistakes and limitations
  • We acknowledge other people’s ideas
  • We are sensitive to other people’s needs


  • We are determined to give excellent service amidst challenges
  • We keep on working to attain what is being asked for
  • We do our own work without complaints and remain calm despite work crisis


  • We recognize the rights of others
  • We give priority to people with special needs
  • We give regard to our heritage and different cultural practices (patriotism)


  • We abide by existing policies and regulations
  • We serve in a well-arranged and conductive work place
  • We wear our prescribed office uniform


The primary function is to establish a favourable and stable policy for business which will encourage and support private sector investment and in the operation of business activeties consistent with the development needs of Iriga City program.

Iriga City Investment Promotion and Business Assistance Center main objectives concentrated in three main areas:

a) Investment Promotion Efforts
b) Investor’s Facilitation and Business Services
c) Research and Planning Activities

The Center is headed by an Executive Officer hired by the Iriga City Investment Incentive Board (ICIIB). It will be supervised by the board.

The Center Funds shall be sourced from the following:

1. Contribution from the City Government of Iriga in the amount of P300,000.00 as initial for its operation;
2. Collection from payment of service assistance and non-refundable fees deposited as trust fund with the CTO;
3. 2% from the Internal Revenue Allotment;
4. Other sources


  • Ordinance No. 2000-01 – An Ordinance enacting the Iriga City Investment Incentive Code of 1998, as amended. This ordinance shall known as the IRIGA CITY INVESTMENT INCENTIVE CODE (ICIIC) OF 1998
  • Iriga City Investment Incentive Board (ICIIB)- The ICIIB tasked to implement the provisions of the Iriga City Investment Incentive Code.