To plan, design and construct cost effective buildings and other facilities in accordance with the principles of utility, strength, economy and aesthetics.


A frontline in the delivery of Architectural services with competent, ingenious and resourceful personnel providing assistance in planning and design, construction and maintenance of public buildings and other facilities necessary for the total development of the city as a premier agro-ecotourism center in the Philippines.


  • Formulate measures for the consideration of the sanggunian and provide technical assistance and support to the governor or mayor, as the case may be, in carrying out measures to ensure the delivery of basic services and provision of adequate facilities relative to architectural planning and design as provided for under Section 17 of the LGC of 1991;
  • Develop plans and strategies and upon approval thereof by the governor or mayor, as the case may be, implement the same, particularly those which have to do with architectural planning and design programs and projects which the governor or mayor is empowered to implement and which the sanggunian is empowered to provide for under the LGC of 1991;
  • In addition to foregoing duties and functions, the architect shall:
  • Prepare and recommend for consideration of the sanggunian the architectural plan and design for the local government unit or a part thereof, including the renewal of slums and blighted areas, land reclamation activities, the greening of land, and appropriate planning of marine and foreshore areas;
  • Review and recommend for appropriate action of the sanggunian, governor or mayor, as the case may be, the architectural plans and design submitted by governmental and non-governmental entities or individuals, particularly those for undeveloped, underdeveloped, and poorly-designed areas; and
  • Coordinate with government and non-government entities and individuals involved in the aesthetics and the maximum utilization of the land and water within the jurisdiction of the local government unit, compatible with environmental integrity and ecology balance;
  • Be in the frontline of the delivery of services involving architectural planning and design, particularly those related to the redesigning of spatial distribution of basic facilities and physical structures during and in the aftermath of man-made and natural calamities and disasters;
  • Recommend to the sanggunian and advise the governor or mayor, as the case may be, on all matters relative to the architectural planning and design as it relates to the total socio-economic development of the local government units; and
  • Exercise such other powers and perform such other duties and functions as may be prescribed by law or ordinance.


  • Provide technical assistance and support to the LGU in carrying out measures that will ensure the delivery of basic services and provisions of adequate facilities related to architectural services.
  • Prepare planning, architectural lay-outing and utilization of spaces within the building and its site and architectural design of engineering structures or any part thereof.
  • Prepare and review architectural specifications, bill of materials, cost estimates, general conditions and other technical documents.
  • Provide general administration, supervision, coordination and responsible direction for the construction, renovation, repair and maintenance of buildings including their sites and environs intended for public use.
  • Repair and maintenance of furniture and fixtures.
  • Extend technical assistance to barangays and non-government organizations.
  • Recommend to the Sangguniang Panlungsod and advice the Mayor,as the case may be, on matters relative to the architectural planning and design of the socio-economic development of the LGU.
  • Process building permits (architectural section).