The Office exercises supervision and control over all programs, plans and activities of the operation of the City Budget office.
It enforce all laws and ordinance pertinent to fiscal discipline; resource allocation; and sound and efficient use of government resources.


The Office of the City Budget Officer is committed to assist the City Government in the judicious management of its financial resources. In the fulfillment of this commitment, the office is dedicated to maintain and implement an updated Budgeting System that will ensure transparency, accountability and accessibility in public office.

The office shall maintain a dynamic team of motivated and goal-driven professionals, united by its vision under the guidance of the Divine Providence, with vigor and discipline towards the attainment of a common goal.

“Productivity with Equity” must not remain a mere thematic slogan but must become a statement of reality for every Irigueño.


A financial management office of the city government with highly competent, committed, dynamic and accountable personnel performing sound management and control of public resources through transparent processes for the total development of the city as a premiere Agro-ecotourism Center in the Philippines.


  • Install and maintain an internal audit system and prepare and submit financial statements to the mayor and to the sangguniang panlungsod and appraise the sanggunian and other local government officials on the financial condition and operations of the city government and certify to the availability of budgetary allotment to which expenditures and obligations may be properly charged;
  • Review supporting documents before preparation of vouchers to determine completeness of requirements and prepare statements of cash advances, liquidation, salaries, allowances, reimbursements and remittances pertaining to the city government and prepare statements of journal vouchers and liquidation of the same and other adjustments related thereto and post individual disbursements to the subsidiary ledger and index cards;
  • Maintain individual ledgers for officials and employees of the local government unit pertaining to payrolls and deductions and record and post in index cards details of purchased furniture, fixtures, and equipment, including disposal thereof, if any, and account for all issued requests for obligations and maintain and keep all records and reports related thereto;
  • Prepare journals and the analysis of obligations and maintain and keep all records and reports related thereto; and
  • Exercise such other powers and perform such other duties and functions as may be provided by law or ordinance.


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[accordion_content id=”panel1″ title=”Department of Budget 2014 First Quarter Reports”]

pdf 20% Development Fund Utilization
pdf Consolidated Quarterly Report
pdf Fund Utilization
pdf Manpower Compliment
pdf Statement of Cash Flow
pdf Statement of Receipt & Expenditures
pdf Statement of Debt Services
pdf Report on LDRRMF
pdf Balance Sheet

[accordion_content id=”panel2″ title=”Department of Budget 2014 Second Quarter Reports”]

pdf 20% Development Fund Utilization
pdf Consolidated Quarterly Report
pdf Fund Utilization
pdf Manpower Compliment
pdf Statement of Cash Flow
pdf Statement of Receipt & Expenditures
pdf Statement of Debt Services
pdf Report on LDRRMF
pdf Balance Sheet
pdf Special Education Fund Utilization
pdf Statement of Goverment Equity