The City Engineerís Office is the implementing agency of all government infrastructure projects including the preparation of all detailed engineering designs, field surveys, cost estimates, plans, and specifications.

The Office is headed by the City Engineer and is divided into seven divisions such as; administrative, planning, construction and maintenance, building, equipment pool, quality control, and monitoring. Each division is headed by a Division Chief and is responsible for deliberation of work.


The implementing arm of infrastructure projects of the city manned by technically competent, progressive and responsible personnel, motivated by a culture of excellence in public service and mandated to administer, coordinate, supervise and control construction, maintenance, improvement and repair of public works projects guided by the highest standards in the use of modern technology and innovative project management and engineering strategies for the total development of the city as a premiere Agro Eco-Tourism Center in the Philippines.


We, in the City Engineerís Office, pledge and commit to empower ourselves in the delivery of relevant and responsive programs and services dispensed by technically competent, progressive and responsible employees. We also guarantee quality engineering and infrastructure services that are equitably accessible to all as we lay the foundation of a lifelong service for the Irigueños.


In our way of promoting Iriga as a city of character and in our desire for service excellence, we sincerely adhere to the following values:


  • We speak the truth at all times,
  • We inform the people what they need to know, and
  • We submit accurate performance evaluation and other reports.


  • We work hard to meet our goals,
  • We extend assistance beyond the scope of our work, and
  • We offer options and alternatives to meet our customer’s need.


  • We accept our mistakes and limitations,
  • We acknowledge other people’s ideas, and
  • We are sensitive to other people’s needs.


  • We are determined to give excellent service amidst challenges,
  • We keep on working to attain what is being asked for, and
  • We do our work without complaints and remain calm despite work crisis.


  • We recognize the rights of others,
  • We give priority to people with special needs, and
  • We give regard to our heritage and different cultural practices (PATRIOTISM)


  • We abide by existing policies and regulations,
  • We serve in a well-arranged and conducive work place, and
  • We wear our prescribed office uniforms.


  • Initiate, review and recommend changes in policies and objectives, plans and programs, techniques, procedures and practices in infrastructure development and public works in general of the city government and advise the mayor on infrastructure, public works, and other engineering matters;
  • Administer, coordinate, supervise, and control the construction, maintenance, improvement, and repair of roads, bridges, and other engineering and public works projects of the city government and provide engineering services to the city government including investigation and survey, engineering designs, feasibility studies, and project management; and
  • Exercise such other powers and perform such other duties and functions as may be prescribed by law or ordinance.



  1. Request for the preparation of program of works and detailed cost estimates of roads and bridges, public buildings and facilities, water supply, and flood control/drainage from the Barangay Captain or Barangay Officials.
  2. Conduct inspection, investigation, and survey of proposed projects and special or infres projects (funded by the national government or foreign countries).


  1. Request from private individuals, contractors and companies processing of building and occupancy permits.
  2. Request from private individuals processing of electrical permit for electrical installation (CASURECO III).
  3. Receive, review, check and record application for building permit, fencing permit, occupancy permit, and business permit including the application for electrical installation (For CASURECO III) with the corresponding attachments; plans, papers, and other essential documents.

The following documents shall be complied by the applicant:

a. For Building Permit

    • Structural plan
    • Line and grade plan
    • Architectural plans
    • Sanitary plan
    • Electrical plan
    • Electronics plan
    • Mechanical plan

b. For Fencing Permit

    • Structural
    • Line and grade

c. For Occupancy Permit

    • Structural
    • Line and grade
    • Architectural
    • Sanitary/Plumbing
    • Electrical
    • Electronics
    • Mechanical

d. For Business Permit

    • Structural
    • Line and grade
    • Architectural
    • Sanitary/Plumbing
    • Electrical
    • Electronics
    • Mechanical

4. Evaluate, assess, and recommend for approval all application pending before the office whether for commercial, industrial or residential purposes.

5. Conduct actual site inspection in reference to submitted plans and papers.

6. Review, evaluate and approve application.

7. Release, record, and provide copies of the approved application to the applicant and the office concerned.

8. Inspect all on-going construction


1. Record and file all documents and communication forwarded to the office and take necessary and appropriate actions on all matters brought before the knowledge of the division.

2. Prepare, review and approve the general payroll, such as; Employeesí payroll and ALOBS, PERAís payroll, Mid-year bonus, Year-end bonus.

3. Prepare, sign and process Purchase Request, Purchase Order, and Voucher for Office Supplies/ Equipment with the required attachments

4. Prepare, review and sign Infra-voucher with the corresponding attachments.

5. Prepare and approve Leave of Absence.


1. Maintain all electrical construction of the city barangay streets and/or similar kind.

2. Prepare electrical plan including written specifications.

3. Supervise associate and junior engineers and electrical maintenance personnel.

4. Make a survey and inventory of streetlights within the 36 barangays to determine the maintenance requirement and priorities.

5. Perform the necessary maintenance work including the following;

a. Check electrical wiring for power, lighting and auxiliary systems,
b. Repair malfunctioning equipment, and
c. Replace defective or broken components of electrical equipment.

6. Maintenance of streetlights situated at the boundaries of Baao-Iriga and Nabua-lriga.

7. Maintenance of barangay streetlights within 36 barangays as per request by the barangay council concerned.

8. Maintenance of the standby generator.

9. Liason officer/warehouse keeper.

10. Perform variety of basic clerical duties such as typing and record filing in fulfilling the particular objective of the office and receive all forms of incoming communication and other required related works.


1. Supervise Motorpool personnel in the performance of their duties and functions.

2. Dispatch operation and drivers for operation.

3. Prepare and estimate purchase request for spare parts needed for repair.

4. Follow up purchase request, purchase order, voucher, and payroll.

5. Engine over hauling and minor repair of light and heavy equipment.

6. Operate motor grader, pay loader, road roller, mighty mite, dump trucks

7. Check, and if necessary, replace hydraulic fuses, fuel and oil tilters, engine oil, water brake fluid and tires, and brake shoe.

8. Check all batteries of equipment, repair and asemble if necessary and Add distilled water to batteries if needed.


Repair and clean concrete drainage manhole and earth canals.


  1. Initiate review and recommend changes in policies and objectives, plans and programs, techniques, procedures and practices in infrastructure development and public works of the local government unit.
  2. Advice the mayor on infrastructure, public works and engineering matters.
  3. Administer, coordinate, supervise and control the construction, maintenance, improvement and repair of roads, bridges and other engineering and public works projects of the local government.
  4. Provide engineering services to the local government unit, like; investigation and survey, engineering design, feasibility study, project management and other related services.
  5. Implement and prioritize infrastructure projects by the City Mayor as per plan, design criteria and specifications.
  6. Finish all projects on a desired target and schedule.
  7. Realize the purpose of priority projects for the benefit of the public and the city.
  8. Enforce P.D. # 1096 otherwise known as the National Building Code of the Philippines.
  9. Process, review and approve permits applied for, such as; building permit, electrical permit, mechanical permit, sanitary/ plumbing permit, electronics permit and occupancy permit.
  10. Prepare program of works, engineering plans, specifications and designs.
  11. Extend engineering/technical assistance to all barangays, POs, NGOs, and national government agencies.