The office of the City Planning & Development Coordinator is a local government department created under RA 7160 who acts as the principal planning and development body of the city responsible for the over – all coordinative office for the formulation of various and integrated socio-economic, physical & other sectoral plans and policies for consideration of the City Development Council.


We shall pursue the development of a livable city anchored on agro-ecotourism and sustainable development, such that the use of the city’s land and physical resources yields the greatest benefits to both the present and future generations, through responsive, effective and innovative planning and development services.


An innovative development planning office and think-tank of the City Government, with versatile, sincere, trustworthy, and diligent employees, providing automated data bank, quality participatory project planning, development, implementation, monitoring and coordination services for the total development of the city as a premiere Agro-Ecotourism Center in the Philippines.


We hereby commit to render excellent service to the Public; to serve with utmost
confidence, honesty, sincerity and trustworthiness in the fulfillment of our duties and
responsibilities; abide by the principle of accountability and transparency; guided by
moral, ethical and professional standards.


In our way of promoting Iriga as a city of character and in our desire for service excellence, we, sincerely adhere to the following values:


• We speak the truth at all times
• We inform the people what they need to know
• We submit accurate performance evaluation and other reports


• We work hard to meet our goals
• We extend assistance beyond the scope of our work
• We offer options and alternatives to meet our customers’ needs


• We accept our mistakes and limitations
• We acknowledge other people’s ideas
• We are sensitive to other people’s needs


• We are determined to give excellent service amidst challenges
• We keep on working to attain what is being asked for
• We do our work without complaints and remain calm despite work crisis


• We recognize the rights of others
• We give priority to people with special needs
• We give regard to our heritage and different cultural practices (patriotism)


• We abide by existing policies and regulations
• We serve in a well-arranged and conducive work place
• We wear our prescribed office uniform

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