An animal health facility committed to upgrade the livestock industry in the city managed by service –oriented, well-trained and friendly personnel responsible for the prevention and treatment of animal diseases, providing veterinary technical assistance through the use of genetically improved stocks to maximize animal production, and abattoir services to ensure safe, clean and healthy meat for the protection of the public to support the total development of the city as a premier Agro-Ecotourism Center in the Philippines.


In our way of promoting Iriga as a city of character and our desire for service excellence, we sincerely adhere to the following:


We speak the truth at all times
We inform the people what they need to know
We submit accurate performance evaluation and other reports


We work hard to meet our goals
We extend assistance beyond the scope of our work
We offer options and alternative to meet our customers’ needs


We accept our mistakes and limitations
We acknowledge other people’s ideas
We are sensitive to other people’s needs


We are determined give excellent service amidst challenges
We keep on working to attain what is being asked for
We do our work without complaints and remain calm despite work crises


We recognize the rights of others
We give priority to people with special needs
We give regard to our heritage and different cultural practices(patriotism)


We abide by existing policies and regulations
We serve in a well-arranged and conductive work place
We wear our prescribed office uniform

The major thrust of the Office of the City Veterinarian is a delivery of basic services concerning animal health and production in order to improve and uplift the livestock industry in the city.

Major Services rendered:

  • Veterinary technical assistance
    • Treatment of sick animals, vaccination and deworming to help raisers improve animal productivity and prevent or keep animals away from disease.
  • Production Services
    • Swine, cattle , carabao artificial insemination to improve upgrade quality of said animals.
  • Advocacy and Information dissemination campaign
    • Increase awareness on priority animal diseases by submitting to radio interviews, conducting rabies education in elementary schools and walk in clients.
    • Assist NGO’s activities related to animal/pet fun shows.
  • Animal regulatory services
    • Monitor entry and exit of live animals in the city and provision of veterinary inspection permits to outgoing animals.
  • Animal health monitoring
    • Periodic collection of laboratory samples for examination to monitor animal health status.
  • Abattoir Services
    • Conducts ante and post mortem examination of slaughtered animals to ensure production of clean & wholesome meat for human consumption.
  • Income generating activities
    • Fees-collected – generated from City Abbatoir, Vet inspection, registration of cattle and carabao.