A responsive office inspired by the people’s mandate and the inherent duties and function of the office in ensuring a peaceful and progressive Iriga, for the total development of the city as a premiere Agro-Ecotourism Center in the Philippines.


The Office of the City Mayor is committed to be responsive to the needs of the community by giving the best services to the public.

We are also committed to create an accessible and friendly office served by well-mannered and informed personnel guided by principle of public service.

We dedicate ourselves for the promotion of the City’s Vision and Mission for the total development of Iriga City.

A Social Contract with the Irigueño People
The Platform of Hon. WILFREDO REX C. OLIVA
Mayor, Iriga City

This platform is a commitment to change that Irigueños can depend on. With trust in their leaders, everyone can work and build a greater future together.


• A public service that adopt measures to promote morale, efficiency, responsiveness, integrity, progressiveness, organizational effectiveness and courtesy in the delivery of public service and institutionalizes a management climate conducive to public accountability
• Institute reforms and innovations necessary to generate improved performance, continuously advocate and implement best practices, and identify and define problems, issues and concerns, and detect the extent of improvements


A city with . . .

1. A strong and responsive good local governance that promotes responsible citizenship by:

a. ensuring the people’s security in their life, liberty and property;
b. enhancing the participation of the citizens in local governance;
c. providing public services to citizens to ensure a healthy, safe, and desirable environment, as well as a literate, skilled and entrepreneurial citizenry

2. A sustainable and conducive economic and social growth so that all Irigueños will realize their dreams and aspirations.


We shall strive to deliver excellent public service at least cost, by adopting the principles of “doing things right the first time and walking the extra mile” to ensure increased performance efficiency and development outcomes.


1. A local chief executive that creates, innovates and builds a strong organizational capacity based on shared values, character and culture.
2. A government that promotes and practices transparent accountable governance.
3. A government that empowers people and ensures their participation in the development cycle and decision making process
4. A government that advocates responsible citizenship and prioritizes the improvement of the social and economic well-being of its people
5. A government that creates a synergetic partnership for an improved local service delivery to ensure a sustainable development outcome for the enhancement of the quality of life of the constituents.



a. Strengthen the physical and financial capacity of the city by pump priming the economy and creating an investment-friendly atmosphere and an inter-agency convergence of support services that would translate to increased domestic capital, infusion of new technologies and generation of more jobs
b. Promotion and development of Micro, small and medium enterprise to create successful entrepreneurs that will open employment opportunities and boost the economy of the city.
c. Improvement and enhancement of productivity of the agricultural sector by developing a diversified organic farming and learning center.
d. Strengthen partnerships between local and national government, and key stakeholders in crafting effective anti-poverty strategies and integrating priority PPAs in the development plan of the city.


a. Adherence to the transparent accountable governance principles of:

  1. Participation – participation of all stakeholders of the community in the Local Development Council.
  2. Rule of law – implementation of programs and projects in accordance with the laws, ordinances, codes, and other mandates.
  3. Transparency – publication/display of service pledge and workflow chart by department/office.
  4. Responsiveness – efforts in providing efficient and effective services and simplified procedures in documents processing.
  5. Consensus-oriented – synchronized activities of the barangays and the city in terms of planning, programming, and budgeting.
  6. Equity and inclusiveness – inclusion/participation of the basic sectors in the Local Development Council activities.
  7. Effectiveness and efficiency – improvement of frontline services to immediately respond to the needs of the clients.
  8. Accountability – continuous advocacy and assistance in the utilization of the Local Governance Performance Management System (LGPMS), Seal of Good Housekeeping (SGH) and the Full Disclosure Policy Program (FDPP) as tools to assess in a systematic manner the state of local governance through the DILG-LGU coordinated activity.

b. Sustain competencies in the identified strengths and address areas of weaknesses in accordance with enabling mechanisms for a public service excellence, ethics and accountability;

c. Build a performance-oriented city government by continuously adopting the benchmark on performance parameters in the Local Government Performance Management System (LGPMS), Public Financial Management Assessment System (PFMAS), Full Disclosure Policy Program (FDPP), Seal of Good Housekeeping, including compliance with the standard requirements for the Pillars of Disaster Preparedness, Support for the marginalized Sector, Law and Order and Business Friendliness;

d. Putting its fiscal house in order through an extensive revenue-generation program and disciplined and efficient public spending.


a. Promotion of equal gender opportunities by institutionalizing and adopting compelling policies and approaches for gender mainstreaming, and the development of indicators for tracking performance.


a. Building of a peaceful community thru citizen empowerment. The purpose is to engender community spirit where laws are obeyed, environment is protected and people are aware and conscious of their pivotal role.
b. Effective and credible law enforcement jointly executed by a trilateral partnership between the city government, the police and the community would greatly help in addressing crime prevention and solution


a. Promote the restoration, protection and preservation of the city’s biodiversity by a united and empowered people to ensure its stability and sustainability through multi-sectoral participation supported by strong and responsive good local governance.
b. Strengthen advocacy on policy formulation, community consultations and IECs, area investigations and assessments, profiling, resource-based inventories and surveys
c. Continuous advocacy programs on Disaster Risk Reduction and Management and Climate Change Adaptation to ensure a safe, resilient and livable community.
d. Promotion of clean air, clean water and healthy landscapes as foundations of a sound economy, environment and quality of life.
e. Adoption, promulgation and prescription of policies, rules and regulations, and environmental quality standards consistent with laws and circulars for the prevention and control of pollution.


First of all, I thank God Almighty for giving me the chance to serve the people of Iriga as City Mayor and humbly submit myself for His Divine guidance.

From the day I took office, I indulge myself in a series of consultative sessions with different stakeholders as well as sectoral councils, committees, task forces and other local special bodies including a review and assessment of existing sectoral plans, programs and policies to generate first-hand information on the vital issues and concerns including needs and priorities of the city that must be addressed.

I believe it is important to communicate information to various development partners not only for the purpose of sharing information but more importantly as a foundation in building consensus on decisions or actions that might have to be undertaken to ensure convergence and common direction of initiatives and thrusts for the development of the city.

Thus, for the next three years as Chief Executive of Iriga City, I am humbly presenting my dream for Iriga City, my roadmap and development direction for the short, medium and long term perspectives. I have acronymed the roadmap as A B C D E.

A for Agriculture Development

Our most urgent task when it comes to growth and development, agriculture is at the top of my priorities. We are 78.31% agricultural in terms of land utilization with 70% of income dependency on agriculture. Farming is the main source of livelihood of the 8,145 households which accounts for 40.10% of the total households in Iriga. Farm income and productivity is a concern in this sector. We need to take advantage of our developable prime lands consisting mainly of areas along the Strategic Agricultural and Fishery Development Zones or SAFDZ, in order to maximize utilization and production.

My short term targets along this line are:

1. Development of a diversified organic agriculture program that will showcase a demo farm or learning center to be known as the Iriga City Organic Agriculture Learning Farm or ICOALF, improvement of farming systems, production of high value crops and livestock, and production of Vermicast/Bio-organic fertilizers. The center will eventually be an agri-tourism attraction highlighted by eco-friendly surroundings and products;
2. Utilization of the Iriga City Bagsakan Center to fully cater to the marketing needs of our farmers, linking them to markets and bulk buyers, and ensuring that these farmers generate their true and real farmgate income;
3. Provision of high yielding variety of seedlings and other farm inputs for coconut, palay, corn and vegetables farmers in coordination with the Phil. Coconut Authority, Department Agriculture and other national government agencies and entities.

My medium to long term targets in this sector includes:

1. Reactivation and strengthening of the City Agricultural and Fishery Council (CAFC) including Barangay Agricultural and Fishery Councils (BAFCs);
2. Organization, reorganization and strengthening of farmer’s organizations and cooperatives;
3. Review, assessment and amendment to the Strategic Agricultural and Fishery Development Zones and integration of priority plans and programs in the development plans of the city.

B for Business-Friendliness

We continue to make steady progress as we work towards a more prosperous business and investment. The true engine of job creation in this city will always be our businesses. But the city government can create the conditions necessary for businesses to flourish, expand and hire more workers. For the past 5 years, investment in the city grew at the rate of 18.5% per year resulting to creation of employment and income, higher turnout of taxpayers that further resulted to the strengthening of the city’s public finances and, as a corollary, contributed to greater market confidence in the government. I intend to sustain the momentum by undergoing the following actions in the short term period:

1. Introduce revision and amendment to the Iriga City Investment Incentive Code to make it more attuned to the present levels of capital investments and make it responsive and competitive ;
2. Update the 2004 Tax Ordinance not necessarily to increase fees and charges but to widen tax base and introduce measures for effective and efficient revenue generation strategies;
3. Introduce high degree of structural flexibility to the Business One-Stop-Shop being handled by the Iriga City Investment Promotion and Business Assistance Center (ICIPBAC) as the time-reducing measures to cut down on the time and procedures for business registration and the attendant payment of taxes. Integration of concerned national government agencies in the one-stop-shop is likewise in consideration;

The medium and long term targets are:

1. Expansion of the central business district and commercial centers to attract more investments
2. Update the Comprehensive Land Use Plan (CLUP) to identify suitable areas for commercial and industrial uses and identify alternative strategies for inclusive growth and development in the city;
3. Adopt a mix use strategy for government – commercial services to maximize utilization of the Old City Hall, City Hall Annex and other city government properties in the Central Business District;

C for Culture and Arts

In the end, it’s our ideals, our values that built Iriga — values that allowed us to forge Iriguenos here and from every corner of the globe; values that drive our citizens to achieve their goal. Every day, we meet our responsibilities to our families and our employers. Time and again, we lend a hand to our neighbours and give back our triumph to our city. We take pride in our labour, and are generous in spirit. With this premise, my short term targets in this area will focus on the following:

1. Revitalization of the Character City Program to ensure continuity of the good results generated when it was first implemented in 2006 and to concretize the city government commitment that through the promotion of good character qualities we can help bring about a stronger, safer and more unified communities;
2. Creation or institutionalization of a Culture and Arts Office which shall be responsible for the coordination, promotion and preservation of the city’s cultural development through the conduct of various cultural activities and other related acts and special events;

The medium and long term target is:

1. Development of a Sports and Culture and Arts Center to house/accommodate various events including the conduct of sports and cultural and arts clinics.

D for Development of Soft & Hard Infrastructure

Our goal is clear. We want to have a city whose constituents have decent employment opportunities, which has a modern infrastructure and a vibrant economy and where the quality of life is high. To prepare for the advanced economy we need to develop, we will put in place various soft and hard infrastructure facilities that support and complement various services.

The short term Programs are:

1. Construction of a new City Health Office/Infirmary with funding to be generated from external sources such as the Department of Health (DOH)- National, ZUELLIG Foundation and Bottom-Up Budgeting (BUB).
2. Development of an Annex Building at the New Government Center to house local and national government offices to operationalize a one-stop-shop government services;
3. Construction of a Crisis Intervention Center to cater to streetchildren, women, victims of disaster and violence, children in conflict with law and other clienteles;
4. Land banking – acquisition of lots for socialized housing, government use and other economic enterprise;
5. Installation of new lying-in clinic and birthing facilities.

For the medium and long term targets, the following are identified:

1. Establishment of a Disaster Risk Reduction Management (DRRM) Office as the center of operation of all DRRM and Climate Change initiatives in the city;
2. Installation of CCTV cameras along strategic locations in the CBD and urban areas;
3. Computerization of local administrative offices such as the CPDO, CEO, Assessor, CTO, ICIPBAC and other concerned offices adopting the Geographic Information System (GIS) for effective land use planning, tax mapping & enhancement of revenue generation;
4. Establishment of a Barangay Road Maintenance Program (BRMP) team under the City Engineer’s Office;
5. Acquisition of Heavy Equipments;
6. Improvement of streetlightings along the CBD and major urban areas of the city;
7. Redevelopment of the Iriga City Park;
8. Market Expansion along the 30-meters PNR property;
9. Expansion of the Information Communication Technology (ICT) – broadband network and other means of global connectivity in collaboration with various service providers; and
10. Organization of the Iriga City ICT Council.

E for Education to Employment

We need a diverse coalition of individuals and institutions working to improve the quality basic education, whose programs are built on the philosophy of collaboration and multi-stakeholder partnership, that involves the active participation not only the DepEd but also the parents, local officials, businessmen and the whole community. We need to build a constituency to make education work.

Next, we need to encourage Irigueño innovation. We should start where most new jobs do –- in small businesses that begin when an entrepreneur takes a chance on a dream, or a worker decides it’s time he or she become his or her own boss. We need to develop the entrepreneurial skills and champion the promotion and development of Micro Small Medium Enterprise (MSME) and create successful entrepreneurs that will open employment opportunities and boost the economy of the city.

Thus, to attain the foregoing, we need to undertake the following during the short term period:

1. Conduct Education Summit for all stakeholders to commit support and actions for the Education For All initiative;
2. Enhance and support the promotion of Alternative Learning System;
3. Continuing scholarship program for the poor but deserving students;
4. Implementation of Technical and Vocational Education Training (TVET) program, Cash for Training Program (C4TP) and other skills development in coordination with TESDA, DOLE, DSWD, DOST and other concerned line agencies;
5. Effective implementation of the BUB Empowerment of the Poor Fund in partnership with Non-Government Organizations, Private Sector Organizations and Civil Society Organizations, for education, feeding program, livelihood and entrepreneurial development in accordance with the National Anti-Poverty Commission (NAPC) guidelines and procedures.

The medium and long term targets cover the following:

1. Establishment of a Career Guidance Program for students to prepare them for global competitiveness in the advent of the ASEAN connectivity by 2015;
2. Enhancement and strengthening of the Public Employment Service Office (PESO) and its services including conduct of jobs fair, generate Public Private Partnership for the establishment of a mini-industrial park or techno Park;
3. Attract investors for ICT hub or call center/Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) facilities that will provide employment opportunities to Irigueños;

E for Environment

We are cognizant of the profound impact of man’s activities on all components of the natural environment particularly the effect of increasing population, resource exploitation and socio-economic advancement. Thus, we will continue implementing best practices on environmental protection program, solid waste management and flood control and drainage.

Hence, we will prioritize the implementation of the hereunder programs, projects and activities for the short term period of my administration:

1. Full implementation of the Ordinance on the prohibition of the use of plastics;
2. Re-enforcement of the Materials Recovery Facility (MRF) program in the different barangays in compliance with existing ordinance of the city and RA 9003, the Ecological Solid Waste management Act;
3. Strengthening and revitalization of the Task Force Kapalibutan for the enforcement of existing ordinance on the protection of Mt. Iriga;

The medium and long term action includes:

1. Development/improvement of dumping site to comply with the provision of RA 9003;
2. Development and operationalization of the Eco-Adventure Park as an eco-tourism potential/attraction and showcase of our contribution to the fight against global warming;
3. Full implementation and enforcement of the anti-illegal logging, river protection program, and other clean and green drives;
4. Attract more development of eco-tourism sites which are privately initiated like forest parks, tree nursery, green areas, herbal/medicinal gardens and the like.

We shall remain committed to building a performance-oriented city government. We shall continue adopting the benchmark on performance parameters in the Local Government Performance Management System (LGPMS), Public Financial Management Assessment System (PFMAS), Full Disclosure Policy Program (FDPP), Seal of Good Housekeeping, including compliance with the standard requirements for the Pillars of Disaster Preparedness, Support for the marginalized Sector, Law and Order and Business Friendliness. I therefore pose this challenge to all Department Heads and Heads of offices and rank and file of the local government of Iriga and to all Irigueños, let us work with avowed purpose for the realization of this dream for our beloved city.
As we move forward, there are, of course, obvious challenges that we need to face. At the end of the day, we need to be one in terms of perspective and direction in order to ensure that the above targets will readily be realized – all conducive to economic and social growth so that all citizens realize their dreams and aspirations.

I therefore hope that this roadmap will serve as the city government blueprint and our social contract to our constituents.

Mayor, Iriga City