1. Advocacy Programs on:

a. Good Local  Governance






b. Education Reform

Implementation of Character City Program;  Public service excellence, ethics and accountability Program; Participatory development Program; Cost efficiency; Core values Formation Program; Adoption/implementation of PGS/CDS inproject planning/execution; etc


External sourcing of grant program on education i.e. Synergeia’s Building a Learning Community and Children’s Hour Philippines; strengthening of the Local School Board thru capability building; and effective partnership between LGU-Teachers/School Administrators – Parents and NGOs

Responsible Citizenship resulting to increased revenue generation and wider participation of all stakeholders in the affairs of the city



Improvement of student and school performance indicators i.e. National Achievement Tests 1st in Bicol Region for 3 consecutive years; Cohort Survival Rate, Participation Rate, etc.

2.  Environmental Protection & Management Innovative programs on Mt. Iriga Protected Area Mgt, River Protection, Solid Waste, Upland Agro-Forestation, Seed Aerial Broadcasting, IEC on Global Warming/Climate Change, Multisectoral Tree Planting and Institutionalization of Tripartite Environmental Partnership with NGOs/NGAs



Iriga City was a Saringaya Awardee. A highest award for LGUs with exemplary performance in environmental protection & mgt.


Massive participation of all stakeholders in all environmental projects of the city.

3. Infrastructure & Utilities  Development Provision of grant project on farm to market roads (INFRES) & Brgy. roads, and, development of water supply system, bridge, New Government Center, Flood control and drainage, Redevelopment, Reconstruction & Rehabilitation of Iriga City Public Market and improvement/maintenance of public buildings. Accessibility to basic services, satisfied citizens, flooding eradicated, reduction in poverty incidence
4. Strengthening of Local Administrative Systems Computerization of frontline service providers, One-Stop Shop services, capability building for employees . Implementation of the Land Administration and Management Program Phase 2 (LAMP2), automation of City Assessor & Treasurer Offices. Efficient and effective public service delivery; satisfied citizenry; increase in revenue collection; reduced response time
5. Eco-Tourism Development  & Investment Promotion




Innovative implementation of tourism activities i.e. Tinagba Festival, mountaineering/ trekking, etc;  Public-Private-Partnership approach Increased investments and employment, expansion of CBD, wider tourism publicity and increasing visitors/ tourists.
6. Livelihood Development & Employment Generation Provision of additional income to low income women/families thru entrepreneurial & skills development, microfinancing, packaging & marketing assistance with assistance from DOLE, DTI, DOST & TLRC.


Promotion of Gulay na Katnga as OTOP for Iriga City


Establishment of forward linkage with PANASONIC & other companies for manpower and employment services

Value-added for locally made products and increased family income






Provided employment to more than 600 Irigueños

7. Economic Development Stimulate investments and encourage Public Private Partnerships (PPP) in project development


Encourage high turnout of tax payers

Increased capital invest ments by more than 18%


Increased collection and efficiency

8. External Fund Sourcing Generated grant funding from various sources, domestic and foreign, for socio-economic development projects Improvement of public utilities/facilities and increased access to markets resulting to increase in income
Updating of the document through the HLURB providing new development projections for 5 sectoral areas in the city Adoption of new trends for inclusive urban development and safe, resilient and responsive land use patterns
Delineation of Iriga City into 7-subwatershed areas with identified priority programs/ projects/activities per sub-watershed. It aims to protect, conserve and preserve the remaining biodiversity in the city Forest protection and protection of production areas
  1.  Micro Small Medium Enterprise Development Program
Development of livelihood and entrepreneurial skills with a Php 2.25 M fund assistance from DTI under BUB-NAPC Increase family income and employment opportunities
  1. Empowerment of the Poor program
Implementation of 5 BUB NAPC programs covering Organic agriculture, Technical Vocational Education Training, Upgrading of Slum Areas, Rehabilitation of Health Facilities and provision of medicines and equipments, Crisis Intervention Center, School Feeding. Accessibility to health services and facilities; decrease in incidence of morbidity; increase family income; increase farm productivity; improved social welfare services; and improved nutritional status of children
13.  Education Summit Convergence of multistakeholders in planning and committing resources for building a constituency to make education in Iriga City work Improved accessibility to educational facilities; increase stakeholders participation; improved performance both of students and teachers
14. Strengthening of Local Special Bodies and other technical committees Massive consultation, activation and planning; institutionalization thru Exec. Order; delineation of functions and tasks Strong commitment to achieve desired outcomes and goals